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General Information à Your Information Security

When sharing information online, security is the highest priority. Occidental shares your concern and employs sophisticated security methods. When you sign in to your secure royalty interest account, your user ID and password are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This precaution is intended to prevent anyone other than yourself and Oxy from accessing your information.

Report suspicious e-mail
If you receive suspicious e-mail that appears to come from Occidental Petroleum, or Oxy, please notify us immediately by forwarding the e-mail to one of the below addresses, as applicable. Do not open any attachments or click any links found in the suspicious e-mail.

If you believe you have provided personal or account information in response to a fraudulent e-mail or web site, please contact us at the below number (as applicable) and contact other financial institutions with which you have accounts.

Oxy Royalty Interest Owners:

Anadarko Royalty Interest Owners:

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